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Wild west murder mystery dinner, dallas fort worth
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Lone Star Murder Mysteries

January 16 - November 14, 2015


Greedy Granbury Green, the town’s big shot banker, has been bumped off and Marshal Jim Courtright may need a crystal ball to figure out who’s done it. Could it be Dusty Muddwater, the fastidiously clean and directionally challenged prospector with gold in his future? Or was it Tatyana, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Gypsies, who read more than Mr. Green’s palms. Then there’s Clarice Green, wife of the dearly departed, who may have taken her horse training skills a bit too far. Or maybe Mortimer Morton, the local undertaker, had an extra casket to fill. All predictions indicate chaos and laughter in the immediate future as you help the Marshal read the signs and solve the crime.

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Hungry & Fun-Lovin' Folks




ONLY $59 + tax
That includes dinner & the show!
Gratuity is not included.


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816 South Main Street
Grapevine, TX 76051


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The Texas Star Dinner Theater
is the only venue in North Texas
designed exclusively for
murder mystery dinner theater!


Murder Mystery Dinner Theater - Dallas / Fort Worth

Texas Star Dinner Theater is the
"#1 Attraction in Grapevine, Texas"
Awarded Certificate of Excellence 3 Years in a Row!

by TripAdvisor

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater - Dallas / Fort Worth

Not familiar with these parts?
Don't fret. Here's the lay of the land.

Click on any of the topics below for more information.

Q: What makes you different from other
     local murder mystery theaters?

Many things make our wild west murder mystery dinner theater productions great!"
  • First we start with a murder mystery comedy script that is funny, well written and specific to the Texas Wild West.  We then take that script and add qualified, impeccably trained and talented actors (along with ingenious skillful direction) to create a hilariously funny show.

  • Lone Star Murder Mystery dinner theater is located at Texas Star Dinner Theater on Main Street in beautiful Historical Downtown Grapevine (between Dallas and Fort Worth)

  • In addition to a great show, you will also enjoy a delicious dinner prepared and served by the fine staff at The Chill conveniently located just across the patio from the theater.

  • Experience the one-of-a-kind Wild West atmosphere and culture of our newly renovated Texas chic theater. Enjoy a thrilling and hilarious trip back in time to the old west as you watch actors dressed in elaborately detailed, authentic costuming.

  • You will not be tricked into participating any more than you are comfortable with. Actors are clearly identifiable by their costumes so you will know who the audience is and who the actors are. You can just sit back, relax, enjoy (and perhaps solve) a side-splitting, comedic murder mystery.

  • You will have the opportunity to have your photo taken with the cast after the show! You can access and download these photos from our web site for free.

  • Our Grapevine, Texas location is easily accessible from all North Texas localities including Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, The Mid-Cities, Denton, Southlake,
    Colleyville, Plano, Richardson, Lewisville, Grand Prairie and more! Find us on Google Maps.

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.

Q: What can I expect?

Your Wild West dinner theatre experience takes place in our stylish, newly renovated western theater. Consider arriving early and take a stroll down the historical Main Street in Grapevine.

Dinner will be served approximately 30 minutes after doors open. You will dine at the table from which you will watch the show.

At our Wild West murder mystery dinner theater, the actors perform in and among the tables, directly interacting with audience members.  They will not be seated at the tables dining with guests.  You are definitely seeing a "staged" production. 

The 90-minute murder mystery comedy unfolds in three acts.  Each table functions as a team to solve the mystery.  Following Act Two, each table/team has the fun opportunity to interrogate the murder suspects. Each table then submits a ballot naming who they believe is the guilty party.  After the ballots are collected Act Three is performed and the mystery is solved. 

You can expect a unique theatrical experience that will leave you laughing long after the show is over.  Come discover what everyone is talking about!

You will have an unforgettable evening of fun and a great meal while being smack in the middle of a hysterical, award winning, entertaining comedy murder mystery. The show is set in the 1880's when Texas was still young and the West was still very wild. For murder mystery aficionados, we provide intrigue, suspense and challenge for your investigative skills.  For those who just want to have fun with dinner, we provide more hilarity than you can laugh at!

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.

Q: What is a "Wild West" theme?

  • When you attend our Wild West murder mystery dinner theatre, you take alight-hearted journey back to the old Wild West of Texas. 
  • Actors are arrayed in elaborate, authentic, detailed costuming straight out of the Wild West 1880's of Texas.  Comedy scripts are based loosely on stories that took place in the wild Texas frontier town of Fort Worth, where crime and vice were easy to find if you wanted. The town was not unlike most western towns -- built on cattle trails and railroads -- where trail cowboys, gunfighters, and outlaws gathered in saloons, hotels, restaurants (and even theaters) to wile away the long western nights.
  • One of the most recognizable images from the Old West (and the setting for our show) is a saloon filled with colorful characters living out their lives. Inside, we might see dance hall girls, gamblers, cowboys, a town merchant and maybe even a traveling preacher attempting to turn a wayward soul back to the righteous path. 
Are you ready to visit the Old Wild West?

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.

Q: Can I take my own photos/videos?

Guests are welcomed to take some photos during our productions. 

Guests are NOT allowed to use video cameras during the show due to proprietary copyrights.

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now

Q: May I bring my children?

If you were to ask for a rating, we'd give it a PG-10.

Younger children are welcomed to our Lone Star Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at parent's discretion.  However, we strongly discourage a child younger than 5 years old.

While the wild west dinner theater show is hilariously funny and the content is family friendly, our productions are not necessarily geared to a young audience. The show is 90 minutes and most young children may not be able or willing to sit through a 90-minute production. There is no offensive language. There is no blatant or overly sexual behavior; however, there may be use of innuendo and/or double entendre with certain characters. 

Toddlers, babies and small children rarely appreciate live theater. Please hire a baby sitter or send them to Aunt Martha's!

***Disruptive toddlers, babies and small children will be asked to leave with parents.



Q: What is included in the price?

Included in the ticket price for the murder mystery dinner theater:

  • Free parking!
  • Your choice of four delicious dinners - beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian. View our menu options here.
  • Dinners served with unlimited ice tea, water and coffee.  (Alcoholic drinks and sodas are not included in the meal price.  These are available at the cash bar for an additional cost. Gratuity is not included in ticket price)
  • Hilarious, award-winning murder mystery dinner theater
  • Well-stocked cash bar
  • Photos with cast after the show
  • A great night of fun!

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.


Q: What is dinner like?

In a word, downright delicious! You have your choice of four entrees when making your reservation. For a good look at all of them, click here. You simply can't go wrong, whatever choice you opt for. They are all excellent! If you just can't make up your mind we suggest everyone in your party ordering something different so you can share. Chances are your taste buds will thank you.

There is a full service bar available!!!

Alcoholic drinks and sodas are not included in the meal price.  These are available at the cash bar for an additional cost.  Come early and enjoy a cocktail before dinner!

Unlimited coffee, tea and water are available throughout the evening.

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.


Q: How long does it last?

Each murder mystery dinner theater production lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes a 10 minute intermission.  "Missed Fortune" showtimes are as follows:

Doors Open: 7:00pm

Dinner Served: 7:30pm

Show Starts:  8:00pm



Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.


Q:  Do I need to make reservations?


Because this production is so popular with Dallas / Fort Worth residents and visitors who love to visit historic Grapevine, the critically-acclaimed award-winning Lone Star Murder Mystery Dinner Theater often has a full house! 

This popular murder mystery dinner show often sells out, so reservations are strongly recommended. All sales FINAL, no refunds, transfers or cancellations.

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.


Q:  What is the dress code?

We encourage a 'business casual' attire for our theater guests. Many folks are celebrating very special occasions and we prefer to maintain that atmosphere. We do not recommend shorts, baseball caps, beachwear, or pajamas. Please dress for a special night out.

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.


Q: Where are you located?

Our wild west murder mystery dinner theater is housed in the magnificent, authentically western styled, Texas Star Dinner Theater located in the heart of Historical Grapevine, TX (between Dallas and Fort Worth and due north of Arlington.)  

Click here for a map and directions.

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now 

Q: Is the show funny?

Are you kidding? Lone Star Murder Mysteries was named "Best of Texas" in 2009 and 2010 by Texas Meetings + Events magazine. Also for three consecutive years since 2012, we have been awarded Trip Advisor's Excellence Award and Fort Worth Weekly's Reader's Choice "Best Theater Troupe."  Simply put, it's funny!!

Texas Star Theater  Texas Star Theater




Lone Star Murder Mystery is "Where Historical meets Hysterical" ®.    

The comedy Murder Mysteries are side-splittingly funny.  Guests leave our dinner theater saying, "I laughed so hard my cheeks are hurting".  We are knee-slapping, foot stomping, raucously funny. 

"Laughs fly like bullets and hilarity is the law of the land."

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.


Q: Will I be asked to act or perform?

Don't worry! Though our productions are interactive and audience participation is possible, our dinner theater guests will not be asked or required to "act" in any production. 

It is OUR job as the professionals to entertain you, our guests. All you have to do is to partake of the bountiful food, relax, and enjoy the show!

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now

Q: What do people say about the show?

  • “Great Entertainment Value!”
  • Thank you...it was wonderful
  • Really enjoyed the show! Bravo!
  • You guys are FABULOUS
  • It was Awesome - Had a great 50th Birthday - Thanks Guys
  • Love Y'All's Show! Will keep comin' back! Just let us know when your new show is!
  • Very easy to hear. Outstanding! Excellent getting audience involvement
  • It's one of the best shows I've ever seen
  • Keep it going! We're coming back
  • Most fun I’ve had in a very long time!! Great Acting! :)
  • Continue to enjoy your work. Your passion shows your joy, brings joy to others. Thank you
  • Don't change a thing! What a great show! So much fun! great entertainment for dollar value!
  • This was excellent!!!! Enjoyed immensely!
  • This was a great birthday event for my husband, thank you
  • Actors were hysterical and very real in character
  • Most enjoyable evening. All a pleasure. Enjoyed the audience interaction and intersection of modern, contemporary material
  • I've really enjoyed coming to the MM Dinner Theater! I love it. Thanks for a great show
  • Already making plans to bring the entire family next time!
  • We had such a great time! This was such a great way to end our conference. We are bringing more teachers to the conference next year and will make sure to come back. School Marmes will return again!
  • It was funny - we had a great time The actors were awesome!
  • My first show has been a great experience. Good audience participation.
  • very interesting, actors kept us intrigued and guessing
  • Did internet search for things to do in DFW, and found you! THANKS!!
  • We had fun! Very entertaining. Would HIGHLY recommend or come back again. THANKS!
  • Absolutely wonderful time. My husband is recovering from a stroke, and he had the most wonderful time. It was PERFECT!
  • The evening was fantastic. We would LOVE to come again.
  • Greatly enjoyed it! Will recommend in my paper work!
  • Great overall Show. Very entertaining and funny. I like how you involved the audience. The service was great and the food was amazing. Overall I had a great time. There is nothing bad that I have to say. This was a GREAT show/dinner.
  • Cast very engaging, great fun, great food!

Make your reservations now.
Call 817-310-5588 or purchase tickets online now.

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